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TierDeveloper 6.0 full specs and download details

TierDeveloper 6.0     

TierDeveloper 6.0
Rating: 5 Votes: 1092
TierDeveloper rating: 5 from 1092 votes
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Company: AlachiSoft
Release date: 27-06-2006
Last update: 10-02-2010
Price: 1495 $
License: Commercial
Platform: WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003
Language: English
Expire: 30 days
File size: 22220.8 KB
System Requirements: PC with 64 MB RAM, 32 MB Hard disk Space
Keywords: Code Generator | Code Generation Tool | O/R Mapping Tool | .NET | C# | VB.NET | Persistence Tool | Alachisoft | TierDeveloper | Development tool | Form Designer | Web Form UI | AJAX | .NET Remoting | .NET Webservices |


TierDeveloper 5.6 is the industry standard for Object to Relational mapping and code generation tool that helps you rapidly design, generate and deploy middle-tier-objects for your enterprise applications. It is designed to enable developers to build BUSINESS FRAMEWORKS with an instant increase in productivity and at the same time greatly simplifying the management of change. - .NET Framework 2.0 Support - Visual Studio .NET 2005 Integration - New Mapping Wizard provided to do N-N Mapping - Seperation of Domain Object from Persistence Layer - Custom hooks in a seperate independent .NET Assembly - Integration Layer provided - .NET components - ASP.NET pages - XML/XSLT - Web Services - C# and VB.NET - Supports OLEDB, SqlDB and OraDB Data Providers - Object Binding - Lazy Loading - Web Services - BEA WebLogic - IBM WebSphere - Oracle 9iAS Database Support - SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005 - Oracle 8i/9i/10g - IBM DB2 7.1/8.1 - Ms Access 2000 or later

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